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An Explicit Submergence into Coaching High School Basketball


Episode 10

Published on:

2nd Dec, 2020

Episode 9

Published on:

27th Sep, 2020

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About the Podcast
The Podcast is an explicit submergence into coaching high school basketball.

Having coached basketball for more than two decades, but only recently as a high school coach, I’m obsessed with learning as much as possible about winning at the prep level.

Together, we will learn from coaches across the basketball spectrum.

The purpose is simple, to give you that one take-a-way from each episode to make your high school program more successful tomorrow than it was today.

About your host

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Jason Mays

Welcome to the podcast where my goal is to give you one take-a-way per episode to make your high school basketball program better tomorrow than it was today.

A college coach for almost two decades, I'm relatively new to the high school coaching scene. This past season, our high school program became the first program in Kentucky High School history to reach the 2000 win mark and we finished our abbreviated season (COVID) undefeated at 33-0.

Be sure to connect on twitter @CoachMaysPod to share with me your take-a-way!